Balancing Writing and High School

High school is a pretty crazy place. Math tests, food fights, crowded hallways, boring classes, friend drama… you get the gist. Either you’re experiencing it right now, with me, or you’re looking back to the olden days and saying, “Oh God… high school.”

And the homework. I mean, seriously? We go to school for eight hours a day and we come home to – you know what, you’ve heard this argument before. Basically, it sucks. Can we just skip to the part of my life where I get paid to write? (Ha. Um. Please let this be my future.)

Since homework, extracurriculars, volunteering, work, etc. (gotta be well-rounded for the college applications!) take up so much time, writing is hard to fit into the day.

I’m not gonna lie here. There are definitely times throughout my week where I have an opportunity to write. I have a few hours where I don’t have plans, I know I could be writing, but instead, I choose not to. Why? Good question. If you know anything about the inspirational writing boards on Pinterest, you’d know that YOU CAN’T WRITE ONLY WHEN INSPIRATION STRIKES, YOU HAVE TO WRITE ALL THE TIME. Thanks, Pinterest. However, if you know anything about writing, you’d also know that some days are way harder than others.

So I guess this blog post isn’t just about balancing school and writing. It’s about pushing yourself to write when you have the time. No matter how many AP classes you take, how many sports you play, or how many organizations you volunteer at, there’s always time to write. Even if it’s just ten minutes a day, or every other day. Am I bad at doing this? YES! But if anything, at least I know.

I saw something on the internet, I can’t remember from where (maybe it was Pinterest? I feel like everything circles back to that website) that said when you’re not writing, you need to be aware that you’re not writing. So when you’re watching TV, wasting time on your phone, or lounging on the couch, you need to think: I’m not writing right now. Not that it’s a crime to do any of those things – I mean, professional authors do those things. But if you train yourself to realize the times you could be writing when you’re not, you’ll take the opportunities to write more.

Let’s chant it together now: Writing! Is! Hard! But if it’s your passion and something you love to do, it’s worth it. Even if on some days, you have to force yourself to sit down at the laptop or pick up your pen… um, do people still write fiction with pens anymore? Whatever, you get the point. Remember, your story deserves to be written!


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